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DongGuan JingYao Mould accessories Co.,Ltd. Is an enterprise that provides professional processing technology solutions and precision accessories for precision molds. Founded in August 2007,the company specializes in manufacturing precision mold cores, cavities,complex inserts,cemented carbide products and other non-standard spare parts,and is widely used in cosmetics/medical packing Automobile parts,hardware and plastic industry,die-casting and stamping die,precision automation machinery and other industries. At the same time,relying on the deep market background of JingYao JingGong International Co.,Ltd. We fully combine foreign advanced technology with Chinese market practice,and provide Japanese Misumi/O standard,American DME/O standard and German HASCO/O standard China manufacturing,technical support and sales of standard mold parts(excluding patented goods)of European,American and international brands such as quasi European cumsa /O standards. JingYao’s Products are widely used in many fields,such as precision plastic molds,metal stamping molds,die-casting molds,precision clamping,fixtures and precision automatic mechanical parts,so as to provide customers with all-round solutions for precision parts processing.
Is an enterprise that provides professional processing technology solutions
Our Products
hardware molds, plastic molds, die-casting molds, auto parts and other mechanical parts.
Why Choose Jingyao?
Some of the key benefits will bring to you
Skilled team
We have a skilled team of engineers to ensure that the technology can meet your request.
The shortest
delivery cycle
A fine shipping process and good supplier guarantee, we can always deliver goods on time.
Flexible mode
of operation
Advanced CNC machining techniques can process a variety of metal materials.
After-sales Service
We have good after-sale service and communicate with customers about product quality at any time.
After more than 10 years of development, we have cooperative relations with many famous companies at domestic and abroad.
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If you would like to discuss our service, receive a quote, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
DongGuan JingYao Mould Fittings Co.,Ltd.
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